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The last year more than 60 
projects were realized with Dazzletek Lighting Control.

International service and support will be provided during the AMC period. Dedicated support staff is stationed in Breda, The Netherlands.
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If you want to experience the Dazzletek Lighting Control solutions yourself to see if it can bring you the energy and cost savings click the button..


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A Practical Guide to Intelligent Street Lighting

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Solar Lighting Fundamentals

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Industry lighting - New ways to save energy

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Free eBook: Solar Lighting Dazzletek Free eBook: industry lighting systems
Dazzletek Provides ..........

LED Lighting project StadskanaalDazzletek develops and produces intelligent lighting solutions which can be applied in numerous applications like street lighting, warehouse lighting, gas station lighting and lighting of railway stations, buildings and other public and private lighting applications where energy costs for lighting are an issue.


Why Choose Us ?
DTEvery client is unique, every situation is different. Customers turn to Dazzletek for lots of reasons. But, in most cases, it distills down to a single word: Trust. Trust in our experience. Trust in our solutions. Trust in our results.
We have realized many projects for numerous customers, and we will support you until you are completely satisfied, where ever your location or need.

Please read our blog for latest news and background information.



Quick Contact
If you have any question or remarks, donít hesitate to ask.


Dazzletek BV
Minervum 7457
4817 ZP Breda
The Netherlands
T +31 76 5711747
F. +31 76 5715535
E info@dazzletek.com
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